• Who can register a school?

Any university representative can register the school. However, a student cannot register a school. 

  • Who can be a coach?

There must be a coach in charge of each team. The coach should be a faculty member or an assistant professor. If a team cannot find one of the aforementioned options, they may rely on a university representative.

  • What is the role of a coach?

The role of the coach is to guide the team throughout the competition; therefore he or she must be willing to dedicate time to the Challenge. The coach will be included in all communication between Challenge organizers and the team. If the team is chosen to participate in the final event in Switzerland, the coach is also invited to attend. Transportation, food, and accommodations will be covered. For more information please see “Guidelines on coach profile” at Participants Guide.

  • Can two different teams from the same school participate in the Challenge?

No. We encourage an internal competition in order to select the best team that will represent the university. Schools are responsible for designing their own process in order to fairly select the student team. Schools wishing to receive a case study from previously years can contact us at: contact@sustainabilitymbachallenge.com.

  • Are there any registration fees?

No. Both school and team registration is free.

  • Is it possible to have more or less than four students in a team?

No.  Teams can only consist of four students. This is essential in order to avoid a competitive advantage.